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We know you. You’re a doctor or lawyer who is tired of the big practice and you want to wind down to a few days a week, but you need someone to pay the vendors, pay the staff and mind the checkbook. We do that.

You run a small real estate empire consisting of a strip center, a few corner lots and half-a-dozen houses. For one reason or another, you realize that financial controls mean more than knowing where the checkbook is located, but you’re not sure what needs to be done. We do that.

You retired to south Florida and have some rental properties scattered around the country. You take a hands-on approach to your financial affairs and want someone local with whom to work. We do that.

You’ve recently become single and you’re trying to figure out how to make a family budget, but you just don’t know where to start. We do that.

When it comes to working with us, you can do as little or as much accounting as you want. If all you want is to be presented with sign-off sheet and a few reports, we can do that. If you want to sit with us on a quarterly basis to review what you’ve done, we can do that, too. Just know that in the end, we will make sense of your dollars and cents.

We're not about the suit and tie. We're about the Happy Day Way.


“ I also thank you for a wonderful luncheon and talk during your northern sojourn. And yes it gave me a better understanding of how to approach what I want to do. Thank you for inspiring me! ”

— G.H., Retired Treasury Department official

“ I didn't know that bookkeeping could be this way. I thought it would be awful and instead you've shown me why it matters. How come no one else teaches it this way? ”

— B.F., Travel Agent

“ I've had accountants for over 50 years. Your family almost makes this fun. ”

— M.L., Retired COO

“ After all this time I don't know what this whole «Happy Day» thing is about, but I don't think anyone else could tell me I owe $102,000 in taxes and make me feel good about it. ”

— M.G., Attorney

“ Really Jeffrey, your mother did a great job of teaching you. Did she have to beat you much or did this just come naturally? ”

— R.L., Retired

“ Thanks man. I want to puke every time I think about what I went through before. I still hate this but you make it tolerable. ”

— C.C., Comedian

“ You are the most unusual accountant I ever met. What's with that voice mail greeting, that's very funny. Did you make your mother retire early? You certainly have her intellect and sense of humor. ”

— A.A., Real Estate Developer

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