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Tax Preparation

Do you want an IRS auditor as a house guest? Didn't think so...

The concept of taxes has sparked revolutions, toppled regimes and caused heart attacks. One of the first things we tell our clients is that the easiest way to legally pay less tax is to make less money. Not surprisingly, none of our clients like that advice.

Since you're probably like our other clients, we will coordinate with the other members of your financial team to obtain and review your information. We prepare all business and personal tax returns with the understanding that you do not want to play host to an IRS auditor for a week. If you think writing the check for the quarterly estimate is stressful, imagine preparing for the house guest.

For businesses and individuals, the document review process is very similar: give us what you have and we'll take it from there. Once we have your tax returns prepared, we'll present them to you for review and then file them electronically.

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