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Businesses have all the technology in the world to provide insanely awesome client service, and yet in the end, no one really wants technology-enabled, avatar-based representations of human kind. What people really want…is to simply connect to a human mind. And that’s our differentiator…we infect our clients with the Happy Day virus and relate to them in a painfully human way that so many people long for from professional service providers, but seldom receive. In turn, this allows us to take complex financial concepts, break them down into bite-sized pieces so that clients can take actionable steps on them. And we know oh so well that if we speak in the language of finance and tax, our clients can only listen…in bewilderment. So we go to great lengths to make sure that we’re speaking English and help our clients make sense of their dollars and cents.


Andrick Vigilant, Tax Accountant
Andrick Vigilant
Tax Accountant
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Dana Pasternack, M.B.A.
Dana Pasternack
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Genesis Nieves, Junior Bookkeeper
Genesis Nieves
Junior Bookkeeper
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Jeff Pasternack, CFP, M.G.A
Jeff Pasternack
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Jeri Apelbaum, BookTamer
Jeri Apelbaum
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Mona de Weever
Mona de Weever
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Raul Reynes, CPA
Raul Reynes
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Honored Alumna


Gail Pasternack, M.B.A., CPA
Gail Pasternack
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Steven Elias, MBA, CPA
Steven Elias
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Louis Padavano
Louis Padavano
Retired Tax Exorcist
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