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Raul Reynes, CPA

Raul Reynes, CPA 

For the past 55 years, Raul has been locked into a Northern state of mind. He has finally broken free of the cold bonds of Chicago-style captivity and brought his 28+ years of accounting and tax experience to the firm. More importantly, prior to leaving, he might have acquired the secret recipes for Albano's Pizza Puffs and the Atomica sandwich from Cemitas, which probably relegates him to the role of a fugitive foodie. And whereas normal folks keep warm at night with bed sheets, Raul prefers spreadsheets, which is perfectly acceptable for those afflicted with accountancy. He also spent seven years as an auditor with New York State Department of Taxation, which means he brings a whole different perspective to tax compliance. A little known factoid is that Raul was NOT featured as Mr. April in the 1991 Charming Chicago CPAs Pocket Protector calendar. He is also NOT portrayed in a photo showed a scandalously-revealed edge of a pocket protector with the mechanical pencils playfully poking out at a jaunty angle.

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