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Jeri Apelbaum

About Us

Jeri Apelbaum was born and raised in the thriving metropolis of Clifton, New Jersey, and eventually earned a BS in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. She obtained her residential contractor’s license in Florida and worked for over 15 years in construction accounting. Tired of the dust and gorgeous Floridian weather, she moved to New York and worked for over 12 years in construction and medical practice accounting before returning to the Sunshine State. Forever equipped with a cheerful and calm demeanor, Jeri brings practical, real-world expertise to client projects. Where people who go to Jamaica often experiment with other things, Jeri experimented with cliff diving. While considering a career in cliff diving, Jeri had the epiphany that there is no middle ground in that sport. You are either a superstar or a smear on the rocks below. Fortunately, her cliff diving career was cut short upon her return to Florida, which is known for its lack of vertical earthly features.

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