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Genesis Nieves, Junior Bookkeeper

Genesis Gomez, Bookkeeper is internally known as The Project. Any project that comes in, she receives it. Genesis was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and was partially raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut and North Port, Florida. She is currently a student at Palm Beach State College and aspires to advance to the lofty position of book tamer, which is what one becomes after being a bookkeeper.

Although somewhat newly-married, her husband has to compete with Big-E, the newest puppy on the block. Genesis also enjoys reading the bible and pondering What It Is All About, Anyway. Later in life she will realize that the answer is 42. In her spare time, Genesis researches arcane recipes of rice, beans and steak, with her prize recipe using beans made famous by the old tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. Finally, she secretly conspires with Dana, about what no one quite knows, probably because it is done in secret.

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