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Andrick Vigilant, Tax Accountant

Andrick Vigilant, Tax Accountant was born on the friendly island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and raised on the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. He is a proud alumni of Florida State University, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Finance, and emerged as a bachelor. But his educational journey was only just beginning, and Andrick picked up a Masters of International Business from Houston Baptist University and Masters of Science in Accountancy from American University in Washington, DC.

In addition to his accounting and tax experience, he also has 6 years’ experience in consumer banking and retail lending, and twice as many years being a bachelor. Its getting ridiculous. Anyway, when Andrick isn't being a numbers-tamer, he seeks out wild hiking adventures in the four corners of the world, which is something of a miracle considering its round nature. He views himself as a canvas that he paints each day for the world to see, and promises not to get too high on the paint fumes of life.

Although Pasternack Associates, LLC does not offer match-making services, in this case, we are making an exception. If you can help, please let Andrick know.

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