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Clan Pasternack understands that accounting does not come naturally to many business owners. Doctors trained to be doctors, lawyers trained to be lawyers and florists trained to be florists. It is likely that you are a purist in your profession. We’re not. We bring a blended approach that comes from having built other businesses and worked outside our accounting industry. Ivory-tower accountants are plentiful. Accountants who have owned a fleet of trucks, built a chain of healthcare facilities or earned accolades for innovation in e-commerce are not.

And yes, we can spout regulations and calculations until we’re blue in the face and you’re bleeding slightly from the ears, but in the end, what you really want to know is this: how does all this business accounting stuff affect me, the human?

Our approach is uniquely humanist: to us, you are more than just a business owner and a pile of numbers on a spreadsheet. We know that you are a parent, a pension fund manager, an HR manager and a marketer. Your kid got into Emory but you budgeted for a state college. Your parent had long-term care insurance but it is coming up short. Your employee screwed up and your top client is on the fence, which threatens cash flow and a pending capital financing deal. You have a million and one stressors in your life and we get it. With us, our accounting services are all about the long view. It's all about you.

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